I am experienced in electrical, software, and mechanical engineering and can be a one-stop resource to help with product design or to solve engineering problems.

Most engineering consulting companies are looking for a several month commitment and want you to rent an entire design team which can cost many thousands of dollars per month before you even know if the team will be a good fit for your needs. I don’t work that way. Before you hire me, I’ll make sure that what you need and what I’m able to provide are a good match. If the project isn’t a good match, I’ll tell you right away. And even if I can’t help you, I may be able to suggest someone else in my network who can help you.

I have Master’s degrees in Industrial and Electrical Engineering and have more than 30 years of engineering experience. You can see a more detailed list of my experience on my LinkedIn page.

If you need someone with SolidWorks experience for mechanical design, I have a lot of recent experience with the latest versions of SolidWorks along with a wealth of mechanical design experience. If it’s software help that you need, I’m proficient in Objective-C, Java, C/C++, MySQL, PHP, and Javascript. I also have many years of web programming experience in LAMP-based applications including e-commerce systems running on Linux servers.

Product design, engineering, and technology consulting